Top Support Questions

Below is a collection of the frequently asked questions ask by our customers in the industry. You can find instant answers to the most common MRO questions below.

I have an AOG situation and I need to borrow a part — or maybe even purchase one. Who do I call?
Visit our Parts section. Or contact someone directly.
I'm a mechanic and would like to work for AA-MRO. How do I get an employment application?
Visit the AMR Corporation's Human Resources Department here:
I want to find a supplier that can handle all maintenance requirements for my 777s. Can you do it?
Visit our "Contacts" section and select anyone from our support staff. They'll be excited about this opportunity.
Are you a maintenance company or an airline maintenance department?
AA-MRO is an aviation maintenance company, providing innovative solutions to any of your maintenance needs. Our biggest customer is currently American Airlines.
It's Friday evening, and I just received notice of an A.D. inspection for my 757s. Can you help me?
Yes, of course. Visit our Aircraft Maintenance section for the right contact information.
I'm troubleshooting an elusive 737 problem, and currently the airplane is winning. Where can I find help?
Enter the Emergency section of our website. Our Technical Services desks are open for business 24/7.
My airline plans to fly 767s to South America. I need to arrange turn-around maintenance. Can you help?
Yes. In our Network section you can select a city, then you'll find the appropriate contact information.
You have American Airlines in your name. How can I be a priority?
Every customer is valued, and a top priority. The only way we can be competitive is to make every job important.
You fixed my airplane. Nice job. Can you send me a survey form?
You'll find our electronic survey form in our Contacts section.
How serious are you about being a maintenance company?
We're very serious. We're seriously committed and marketplace competitive. We work and live in a place where maintaining airplanes, engines and components is a passion. And we speak the native language of that place, "air-craftsmanship."
Are you the biggest aviation maintenance supplier in the world?
Yes, but that's hardly the reason to choose AA-MRO. The real factor is simply that we're the best. Best at what we do, and your best overall value. That's what's important to you.
I've heard about money-saving modifications. Can you help me save jet fuel? Can you help me save money?
We can. Visit the Engineering section for contact information and details. Or try Modifications for other cost-saving initiatives. We can help with both weight and drag reduction, saving precious (and expensive) fuel.