CFM56 experienced engineers and facility.

In our experience, cost estimates have been pretty much spot-on, turn times have been excellent, and the overall workmanship was very, very good.  You can trust [AA-MRO] completely.

- Royal Aero Services

Soon after American Airlines began flying 737NGs in 1999, we capitalized on our vast GE, P&W and Rolls-Royce overhaul experience and were internally awarded the CFM56-7B engine business. The CFM56 engine shop was then created in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with full support of our company and the local community.

A state-of-the-art engine gantry system — similar to moving lines used in the auto industry — was designed by our expert collection of mechanics, engineers and management personnel. Capable of servicing well over 300 engines per year, the physical facility has constantly improved through Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing techniques, and it stands ready to support our growing list of satisfied customers. Hopefully, we can add you to that list.






  • FAA Part 121 and 145 Certified, EASA Part 145, CAAC Part 145 Certification
  • CFM56-7B (all thrust ratings)
  • Top-case Repairs
  • Test Cell Runs
  • Water Wash and Other Line Maintenance Support Activities
  • Full Engine Management Support
  • Extensive Repair Development through In-house Engineering Department

Engine Facilities

The AA-MRO CFm56 engine shop is located in the American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Interational Airport. Significant CFM56 line maintenance expertise is also located throughout additional United States and Central and South American AA-MRO locations.

Cost Savings

With years of experience in CFM56 engine overhaul and repair, AA-MRO can deliver savings for you ASAP:

  • Turn times that support reduced spare engine ownership
  • Extensive experience in the development, approval and use of PMA materials
  • Dedicated, in-house engineering staff focused on extensive repair development for controlling costs
  • Direct link to the vast experience of airline operational expertise